A Prayer Of Distraught

It’s been awhile since I’ve composed poetry, so here it is:

You mother of God, who’s perfect in every way;
rich in compassion and rich in humility.
Please listen to my prayer sent to you this day
as I slowly lose patience and charity.

I am saddened, dear Mother, as tears run down my face
and as my faith crumbles to dust.
My mind so confused in absence of grace,
and my heart knows no one else to trust,

My hands thumb through your rosary
while my lips recite those familiar words.
Yet I know not what it is I carry
and none of those words my soul heard.

Dear Mother, blessed woman among women;
even the pearls of the deep confess this.
And the angels of God sing of your greatness
as you enjoy your place in Eternal Bliss.

Look upon me then with mercy and love;
with tenderness from your place in eternity;
With a sweetness of that grace from up above
and help bring my confusion to clarity.

You must remember, dear Mother,
your own confusion when Gabriel delivered the word.
So grant me strength now, dear Mother
To make sense of a life so blurred.

Oh dear woman, Queen of the angels,
Come to me now and be by my side
And all these knots in life, please help untangle
And wipe away all these tears I’ve cried.



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