Truth and Humility

As a theologian and an instructor, I have to constantly remind myself that the search for truth requires the most profound humility.  If there is one thing that the Road to Emmaus has taught me is that just when we think we have grasped the totality of truth, it will disappear before our eyes.  This isn’t to say that truths are unknowable but it is to say that we would be fooling ourselves if we think that we have fully grasped it.  An article by Dr. Philip Sakimoto, an astronomist from Notre Dame, makes this case and it’s worth the full reading.  A paragraph that caught my attention:

I began to learn about the depths of Catholicism, depths that are often hidden from public perception.  I came to see that most Catholic doctrines are about truth in a very fundamental way: absolute truths not swayed by public opinion.  I wanted to learn more.  I joined a Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults class at a local parish.  It was there that I learned the real truth:  the barriers to seeing truth were hidden within me.


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