Robert Spaemann on “Gay Marriage”

A completely new look for me as the “objective” unity of a marital union between a male and a female is presented.


Anyone who reads Retrievals with some regularity knows that I post translations of the works of the Catholic philosopher Robert Spaemann with some regularity. So far I have posted some of his articles on abortion, genetic manipulation, circumcision, and nuclear power. But according to the statistics for my blog, people occasionally visit it after Google search for “robert spaemann gay marriage.” I thought I should oblige them.

I don’t have a personal translation of anything Spaemann has written on “gay marriage,” but he does make some brief remarks on the subject in one of his books that has already been translated, Persons. The remarks occur in the course of a discussion of the phenomenon of promising–marriage being, of course, a promise of great importance. On p. 228, however, he turns to the more particular issue of the distinction between friendship and marriage:

“Yet not every friendship is a marriage. It…

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