Life of Pi: Beauty over Truth?


Life of Pi has long since made it triumphant march through the theatres, so if you have not seen it, your only decision at this point is whether it is worth a rental. It is.

Beautifully filmed and well-acted, it is one of those rare movies capable of capturing the interest of everyone in the room, ranging from my two-year old son to his grandmother (about whose age I will not venture to speculate). And, what is even more rare: there is no objectionable material in the movie. Nothing, that is, except for its philosophical elevation of beauty over truth. There is plenty to object to in that, though it may not be immediately obvious why you should do so. I’ll say a word on that at the end.

If you cheered during the 1996 movieEmma when Mr. Knightly declared that he did not care for surprises because “

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