To His Maddie

If only you can speak or mime
there would not be this wasting of time.
Your lips would utter demands so sweet,
and they, merrily, my ears would meet.
You could ask me for milk to drink,
or to be changed when you made a stink
You could demand that silent sleep,
or for those toys to come in heaps.
Your innocent joys you would express
in voice so fair and words impress.
And I, for my part, would enjoy
your company without much coy.

Alas as nature would have it:
your mouth, no words shall come from it.
Your big brown eyes, so innocent, deny blame
that they can’t even your wants name.
So as you sit there and cry in yearn for naught,
I can do nothing but guess what cause distraught.
We stare at each other, you and I,
as you express your need and I
stand still in a bewildered state
to wonder why it’s me that you hate.
But suddenly my heart informed my head to know
that you’re only a baby, and I love you so!


2 comments on “To His Maddie

  1. dulzimordash says:

    Reblogged this on Nature’s Abhorred Vacuum.

  2. bluesage63 says:

    Your poem is so beautiful and shows your love and wonder for your adorable baby. Enjoy and Blessings!

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