Mary’s Fiat

I composed this awhile ago, but it is apropos to today’s feast day.   So here it is for the national poetry month:

You have heard, O virgin,
that you will bear a son;
Not by any man’s power,
but by the Holy One.

The angel awaits your response,
So reply in haste;
An answer to the angel,
That he may be on his way.

Tearful Adam and his family,
exiled from paradise
begs this of you dear virgin,
Lest they continue in their demise.

Abraham and David begs it,
So do your ancestors;
Dwelling in the shadow of death
They await your redeeming answer.

And we, O holy virgin,
we, too, await your reply;
Your answer, dear virgin,
can give us new life.

The whole creation is standing still,
Prostrated at your feet;
Awaiting the glorious response,
So death we may defeat.

Answer with a word dear virgin,
And the Word of God you shall conceive;
Speak your own word dear virgin
And the Divine Word receive

Be not afraid dear virgin –
believe, give praise and receive;
For He who has chosen you,
To creation, new life he will give.

For it is now that modesty should be confident,
And humility be bold.
For virginal simplicity to forget not prudence,
So the Word of God you may behold

Though modest silence is pleasing
Speech is now necessary
An answer dear virgin,
An answer quickly.

For here he stands,
The Son of the Creator,
The desired of all nations,
Is knocking at your door to enter.

“Behold, I am the hand maid of the Lord,” she says
“Be it done to me according to your word.”

Oh what magnificent speech!
What loving and obedient consent!
For the Divine Word has been made flesh
And we await Life’s advent.


One comment on “Mary’s Fiat

  1. This is as beautiful poem. Congratulations!

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