A Life of Brokeness

To start of National Poetry Writing Month, I will begin with something … a little dark.

O’ love,
Why as dark as a winter storm
So that cold wind would freeze the heart
A nomadic life has no home,
and moment of love o’ so dark.
The first fall was as peaceful as a calm sea,
and the pain hurriedly came.
The memories, let me toss them away
so that missing and yearning is just so.
A life-long love only holds lies and deceit,
yet one-night love only lasts until dawn.
Yet to return to the road once trotted
is to seek for sorrow.
So let love be like thoughts of a fool–
at times present and at times not.
And from now on no more hope or promises,
only life as is.

NB: This does not reflect my view on life and love, but only an attempt at a dark composition.  Hopefully the counterfeit feeling won’t ruin the poem.


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