To My Wife

On the occasion of our first anniversary as a married couple, I would like to dedicate this composition to my beloved wife:


O, but the beauty of angels and roses cannot compare
to that of my lady, my wife, my lover, so fair!
And all joy of any first morning of springs
must concede to that joy to me she brings.

O, wonderful woman in whom all love resides,
how lucky I am that you’ve become my bride.
Late that one afternoon, after our vows were exchanged,
To this day, your love for me remains unchanged.

O, how blessed my soul must be
to have received that marriage decree
ordained by Him who knew us from before
and Whose Wisdom guided this ship to shore.

O, you my lady, my wife, my sweet!
Only with you is my life complete.
For unto my happiness you hold the keys
And to our lives bring harmonies.

O, Seraphims, let us borrow your hymns;
along with yours, you Cherubims,
To thank our God for our marriage blessed
and, upon this union His peace did rest.


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